Nd:YAG Laser Hair Reduction

Nd:YAG Laser Treatment: Process

We use a US FDA approved, Nd:YAG laser which is safe on Indian skin and suitable for all skin types. The beam of laser light is absorbed by the dark colour (melanin) of the hair. This procedure works on the hair roots (follicles) without harming the surrounding skin. Within 6 - 8 sessions, your hair growth is reduced significantly. The service is performed by our trained and certified skin practitioner under the supervision of the dermatologist. After shaving the area to be serviced, an actively cooled hand piece along with cooled gel glides over your skin. We ensure that throughout the procedure we maintain strict hygiene standards at all times

Nd:YAG Laser Treatment: Maintain ?

    Since hair follicles grow and re-grow in a cycle, only hair that is growing is affected in a single session. That is why multiple sessions are required to ensure optimum results.

    Since hormonal changes in the body can trigger hair growth, we recommend some maintenance sessions after you finish with your usual course of 6-8 sitting

* Results may vary person to person.

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