Oxy(Oxygen) Peel Facial

A revolutionary approach that utilizes the properties of jet technology, infusing oxygen and saline into the skin cells, using a specially designed micro jet hand piece is known as Oxy Peel Facial. Unlike chemical peel, oxy peel works by exfoliating dead skin cells biologically and imparts oxygen into the basal layer of the skin. The basal layer of the skin is where the new skin cells are produced. This process is followed by transcutaneous delivery of serums depending on your skin’s requirements such as whitening cocktails / anti ageing collagen boosters / anti acne serums etc.

Oxy jet peel machine has air compressor that accelerates the kinetic energy of the micro sized droplets of air and saline. The strong jet stream opens up micro channels to facilitate the transdermal delivery of nutrient supplements. The add-on infusion that injects the nutrients below the skin greatly enhances the results. To smoothen and replenish your skin, you and your Doctor can choose from anti-aging, hydrating or stem cell serum. We apply a range of medical grade skin care serums which contain high-performing, potent ingredients to reveal your new healthier skin cells. At the end of the session, your skin looks hydrated, exfoliated and feeling refreshed. Unlike cosmetic peels that have been available for years, the Jet Peel is an all natural, virtually painless skin treatment. Oxy peel facial incorporates the benefits of chemical peels and Microdermabrasion without the mess or side effects. .If your skin has become oilier, congested and pore clogged due to summer heat, then this is a perfect time for you to give Oxy facial a try.


Each facial begins by the dermatologist evaluating your skin and asking about your skin concerns. Steps include a thorough facial massage, followed by medical grade Microdermabrasion with a super powerful jet stream. The jet stream enhance the already positive effects of Microdermabrasion by getting into the pores and cleaning away dead skin cells, plus it also hydrates the skin using sterile saline by going back and forth with the device and working in small areas of the face. This is the hydration, cleansing, hydration and oxygenation portion. As the passes are  made, all you feel is   a cool, light pressure sensation, which you will find  pleasantly relaxing .This is  followed by    Infusion of your choice of   vitamin C, hyaluronic acid  etc. cocktails  in the skin , to  maximise the results .The facial ends by application of a relaxing face masque . The end result is a plumped and glowing skin.

A customized at home skincare regimen will be designed by ClinicGen.Next™ specifically for your needs and lifestyle, to ensure, protects and increases your results of each treatment. 

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