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Can Stress Cause Hair Loss

It’s understandable if you’ve noticed your hair is thinner than usual and wonder if stress is to blame. There are pressures everywhere in today’s environment, from traffic congestion to work concerns to relationships with family and friends.

At Clinic Gen. Next with offices in Delhi, Kunal Singh, MD and the rest of our hair restoration care team specialize in diagnosing and treating many types of hair loss with our selection of hair restoration treatments — including hair loss with stress-related causes.

Our practice is also dedicated to educating people in India, areas about hair loss and how it is influenced by many circumstances. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the link between stress and hair loss.

Is my hair loss due to stress?

Maybe… Although you may be attached to your tresses, hair isn’t required for living from a biological standpoint. As a result, one of the first things your body does when you’re stressed is stopped developing hair.

Physical stress, such as a significant sickness or accident, giving birth, going through physical changes such as menopause, and having surgery, is often easier to comprehend. Emotional and mental stress, on the other hand, has a physical impact, causing problems such as:

Shortage Iron
Energy Deficiency
Disruptions in sleep
Constipation and stomach issues
Headaches that last a long time
Virus infections on a regular basis

Stress and the physical concerns it produces, according to research, can promote the release of certain hormones called corticosterone, which can decrease hair growth. The more stress you have, the more this hormone is produced in your body. Although everyone is different, some people may have hair loss as a result of this.

What types of hair loss are caused by stress?

It is debatable… The growth phase, the transition phase, and the resting phase, which includes shedding, are the three phases in which hair grows. Stress can affect the hair cycle at different stages, causing thinning and even baldness.

Is it possible to get therapy for hair loss caused by stress?

Yes! Scheduling a hair loss consultation with a specialist, such as the experts at Clinic Gen. Next, is one of the best methods to learn the ins and outs of your unique hair loss. Dr. Singh tackles your hair loss from a medical position and does not try to “sell” you unnecessary services as a board-certified physician.

Dr. Singh and our care team will evaluate your personal medical history and family history during your consultation, then check your scalp and discuss any other factors that may be contributing to your hair loss. He may also prescribe further tests, such as blood work, to determine the source of your hair loss, depending on your needs.

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