Hair Transplant

Analysis of Hair Loss

Each hair stand grows approximately 1 centimeter per month. Around 80-90 percent of hair are growing on one scalp at a particular time frame. You can do paper test to detect the hair fall. Take a plain white paper and comb your right head and see how many hair strands fall out on white sheet. Then repeat the same process for your right head. Do this process ion the same way for 1 week and note down the stats in your diary. After a week, analyzation phase begins, if on average 1-3 strands will fall during coming then there is no hair loss. If on average, 4-10 hair strands fall then your hair fall has just started. If 10-20 on average hair strands are falling then hair fall rate is very severe. In that case, even if bald patches have not started appearing on head, even then one should consult doctor and go for Hair Transplant or some Hair Therapy according to the problem identified by hair expert.

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Hair loss is very common in men. In men, usually hair fall is in the form of a permanent pattern and it is same for all. This problem of men is related to very much genes in them. This problem can be attributed thus as hormonal problem or simply sex related hormone. This problem usually progresses with age. As a man grows old, he gets bald. So we can attribute this problem with testosterone level in men. The name of this pattern problem in male is male pattern baldness. Sometimes, due to hereditary factors hair loss also happens for e.g. father, elder or small brother facing hair loss issues can also show that a man will definitely face the similar problems.

Some young men, due to increased amount of pollution and stress level s and poor dietary intake have started facing this problem. The problem in youth is very extensive and thus very tough to curb.

Hair loss in men usually begins with the receding front line of the head. First forehead line will recede and triangular type of hair loss will begin from forehead. And if hair fall becomes severe, then from the centre-top of the head, hair level begin to decline and half or sometimes more than half of the head goes bald.


Hair loss in women is known as female pattern baldness. Though women are victims of hair fall problem but not noticeable until the baldness pattern happens in them, which is defined in the image below. This pattern usually occurs in women facing hereditary problems or some problems in the genes sometimes. Irregular or poor hygiene care can worsen the problem further.

Other possible causes that interfere with hair growth, health and wellness are medication, illness, infection and chemicals. These problems stop the hair from being formed properly.

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Normal hair cycle

Hair Transplant Clinic In Delhi

Our follicles have their life cycle. There are many reasons which effect the growth of the follicles. One is a person is suffering from long illness disease or the person is suffering from some chronic disease.

We can divide the life cycle of Hair into the following phases:-

Hair follicles grow in repeated cycles. One cycle can be broken down into three phases.

  • Anagen - Growth Phase :This phase is also called growing phase as 85% of the hair growth occur in this phase
  • Catagen - Transitional phase:This phase is also called the transitional phase this phase is the phase in which hair shrink by 1/6 of the normal length. After Anagen phase the hair enters into this phase.
  • Telogen - Resting Phase:This phase last for 5-6 weeks.This is not the growing phase and the Hair Remain to the follicles.This isd called the Telogen phase.

Hair loss is common problem in both males and females. But men are more likely to face baldness issues than woman due to male pattern baldness. Though, It is very demoralizing in both males and females. Hair loss not only degrades the looks of a person but also lowers the overall self-esteem of a person.

Hair Loss Causes

Common causes of hair loss or hair thinning are as follows:

  • Vitamin deficiency is the main cause as it will make the hair brittle and more prone to thinning and ultimately falling.
  • Physical stress is also one of the main cause. It may happen in one way like some traumatic surgery or treatment or may happen due to any accident which is very severe.
  • Pregnancy related hair loss is also very prominent amongst women. It happens after delivery of child. Women tend to lose more and more hair due to hormonal changes.
  • Sometimes overeating of some particular types of vitamins also leads to hair fall issues for e.g. Excess of Vitamin-A intake can accelerate the rate of hair fall.
  • Lack of proteins in diet pattern is also the major cause of hair fall. Hair began to fall due to nutritional lack in hair strands.
Hair loss in men:
  • The most common cause of hair fall ion men is due to male sex hormones and sometimes male genes too.
  • According to baldness pattern in men, hair usually forms a triangle in the front line of the forehead. Further these stages become more and more severe. Thus, we can say that with passage of time coin shaped to more than half head gets bald.
  • Another common issue is hereditary issue.
Hair loss in Women:
  • Female pattern hair loss in women is something related very much to hereditary factors. Women tend to lose hair from a certain age. Depending upon the family history i.e. hair fall problem may persist in one blood relation like mother, sister or granny.
Several other common causes of hair loss include:
  • Emotional Stress: it happens in the case of some tragedy, any mishappening, some unbearable loss due to death of any loved one.
  • Anemia can affect both men and women in a great way.
  • Thyroid can also lead to hair fall problem. Though it is more common in women but men are equal victims. Thyroid gland, which is located at neck is responsible for major activities regarding growth and development of body and any hindrance in its release leads too a lot of hair fall problems.
  • Some auto-immune disease like Lupus can also lead to a lot of hair problems like alopecia aerata. But the exception with disease or we can say that the most bad part of this disease is that the hair loss due to this disease is non-treatable i.e. hair will never come back.

Effects of Hair Loss on an Individual

Effects of hair loss

Hair loss can happen due to many reasons as specified in causes of hair loss. The main possible reasons of hair fall are genetics problems, thyroid problems, cancer treatment etc.

Though there are many types of effects of hair loss. We will discuss all one by one.

Psychological effects of hair loss:-

Hair loss leads to low self-esteem in many indioduals and if it goes grave then can also cause depression.

Cultural effects of hair loss:-
  • Every youth is associated with shiny, bouncy hair. For some good hair is synonym of good health. For many people hair is what makes them look good and that means a lot for such people.
  • Our society considers hair an important aspect of once looks as hair are always adorned by many.
Emotional effects of hair loss:

The emotional effects of baldness are very devastating for a person. Though hair loss is very stressful for both men and women but overall emotional impact of hair loss is more devastating on the emotional well being of a woman.

  • The fear of looking older than actual age: there is constant impact on the mind of the sufferer that he or she will look older that he / she actually is. Some take hair loss as loss of youth and thus they consider and feel themselves as aged.
  • Person have no option to opt for any hair style: as people losing hair have thin hair and less hair density. Women especially feel very bad of their inability to produce or make the desired hair styles.
  • Person feels dissatisfied with appearance: as hair loss leads to complete change in one hairline. If in young age, hair fall begins i.e. in early 20 then a person looses on self-esteem and gets under-confident.
  • Person feels embarrassed and shy: the emotional impact of baldness leads to lowering self-confidence of a person and person may have problems in dealing with people and thus person usually try to adapt solitude and ultimately cuts off the social circle professionally and personally as well.

Male Pattern Baldness

More than 30 million men got hit by male pattern hair loss every year. Male pattern baldness mainly happens for two reasons. One is through prime male hormone called testosterone and another hormone is DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Normally 30% men in their 20, 40% men in their 30 and 50% men in their 50 are facing hair loss problems. It is alos a hereditary problem. It can come in a person from either of father or mother. The ratio and extent of hair fall in a certain age varies from person to person and is completely unpredictable.

Female Pattern Baldness

Female pattern hair loss or we can also called it androgenetic alopecia. this is basically problem in which hair middle part contain the hair is widen and they have noticeable thinning of hair loss occur. And this type of hair fall is visible and when it is visible then the female has to go for hair transplant. So in the above example we have shown the baldness pattern and how we can classified the pattern is also shown in the above diagram.

Female Hair Transplant

Female Hair Transplant: Since it is a myth that women are not good candidates for hair transplant but this is false you can see on the above diagram that how clearly we have described that what is women baldness is and how it is visible.

Main areas of Female Hair Transplant includes::
  • Eyebrow hair transplant.
  • Head hair transplant
  • Eyelash hair transplant
Now the same question is which women are good candidates for hair transplant treatment?
  • Those females who are suffering from alopecia.
  • In some cases hair loss occur due to some kind of trauma that females are good candidate for recovery of hair loss through hair transplant.
  • Women who are suffering from alopecia marginalis that is some what similar to the alopecia.
  • In some cases those women who are gone for some cosmetic surgery that women are the good candidates for hair treatment.

Chest / Pubic etc Hair Transplant

Chest Hair Transplant In Delhi

who have less donor area. Now first of all i want to describe here what is donor area? The donor area is the area which is at the back of the head and we can take hair from that area. and now in some cases the donor area of the patient is very less and patient want full hair like Mr. Salman khan so what we do in that case we go for Chest / Pubic etc Hair Transplant means we can take hair from the body parts like pubic hair, chest, under arms and even from legs and then we can transplant them into the bald region of our head this is called the Body Chest / Pubic etc Hair Transplant.

  • Abdomen
  • Armpits
  • Back of the chest
  • Back of head
  • Front of the chest
  • Pubic hair
  • Legs
  • Beard
  • Forearms

But mind one thing Chest / Pubic etc Hair Transplant is possible in case of FUEhair transplant only because this one is one of the best technology through which we can go for Chest / Pubic etc Hair Transplant.

Beard Hair Transplant

Beard Hair Transplant is very common today. Most of the men suffering from the beard patches. In case of that we take hair from the donor area that is back of the head and then we will transplant that hair to the beard. The beard hair transplant takes 2-4 hours and due to the good availability of hair at the donor area so hair transplant rate is 100% successful rate.

Following are the merits of beard hair transplant
  • The growth is very good.
  • As we have good hair taken from donor area the resulted beard is thick and full.
  • Natural growth of beard starts in few months that is one of the good solution.
Beard Hair Transplant In Delhi

Eyebrows hair transplant is one of the technique through which we can go for the eyebrows transplant. Now first of all discuss what the reason of eyebrows hair loss.

Three reason which we conclude they are:-
  • Genetic problem
  • Scar
  • Overplucking

So these above are the reasons of due to which female suffer from eyebrow hair loss. Now let’s discuss from which part of the body we take hair for the eyebrow the hair from the above the ear region is taken and then they are transplanted to the eyebrow part and their growth is very well. it is 2-4 hours procedure. We have done many cases of eyebrow transplant.

Are YOU A Candidate which is suitable for hair transplant?

All Hair loss patients are not suitable for Hair Transplantation.

Yes this is the common question which is comes in mind when we talk about the hair transplant. Actually what happen there is no age limit in hair surgery? The person who is near his 80's he can also go for this surgery only reason of the hair transplant surgery is that person is physically fit means he/she is healthy then they can go for the hair transplant. Yes I want to discuss one more thing that in case of young person the hair transplant is not so feasible so we recommend them to go for medication and avoid their hair loss .One thing we have to note that donor area theory is applicable in terms of hair transplant means those person who has less donor area in that the hair taken hair is less and some time we have to go for Chest / Pubic etc Hair Transplant. So better donor area less hardwork for extracting hair and cost cutting is also there in less donor area.So based on the donor area

  • Density is good is there is good donor area.
  • Thickness of graft is good

FUE Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) In Fue hair transplant we use an automated extraction tool with the help of which we can extract the hair follicles from the donor area of the head and then transplanted to the bald area of the head. In Fue with the help of extraction tool there is no scar, no need of stitch i.e It is also called the scarless, bloodless, cutless technique and this technique is one of the best technique because it has very good results. In Fue One thing we have to take care that the donor area should be good if the patient has less donor area then we go for Body Hair Transplant. if you type the keyword FUE Hair Transplant in India then you will find our website and there you can contact to our experts and take guidance regarding hair surgery.

FUE Hair Transplant In Delhi

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