Ananlysis of Hair Loss


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Each hair stand grows approximately 1 centimeter per month. Around 80-90 percent of hair are growing on one scalp at a particular time frame. You can do paper test to detect the hair fall. Take a plain white paper and comb your right head and see how many hair strands fall out on white sheet. Then repeat the same process for your right head. Do this process ion the same way for 1 week and note down the stats in your diary. After a week, analyzation phase begins, if on average 1-3 strands will fall during coming then there is no hair loss. If on average, 4-10 hair strands fall then your hair fall has just started. If 10-20 on average hair strands are falling then hair fall rate is very severe. In that case, even if bald patches have not started appearing on head, even then one should consult doctor and go for Hair Transplant or some Hair Therapy according to the problem identified by hair expert.


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