Normal Hair Cycle


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Our follicles have their life cycle. There are many reasons which effect the growth of the follicles. One is a person is suffering from long illness disease or the person is suffering from some chronic disease.

We can divide the life cycle of Hair into the following phases:-

Hair follicles grow in repeated cycles. One cycle can be broken down into three phases.

  • Anagen - Growth Phase :This phase is also called growing phase as 85% of the hair growth occur in this phase
  • Catagen - Transitional phase:This phase is also called the transitional phase this phase is the phase in which hair shrink by 1/6 of the normal length. After Anagen phase the hair enters into this phase.
  • Telogen - Resting Phase:This phase last for 5-6 weeks.This is not the growing phase and the Hair Remain to the follicles.This isd called the Telogen phase.

Hair loss is common problem in both males and females. But men are more likely to face baldness issues than woman due to male pattern baldness. Though, It is very demoralizing in both males and females. Hair loss not only degrades the looks of a person but also lowers the overall self-esteem of a person.


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