Female Hair Transplant


Female Hair Transplant: Since it is a myth that women are not good candidates for hair transplant but this is false you can see on the above diagram that how clearly we have described that what is women baldness is and how it is visible.

Main areas of Female Hair Transplant includes:
  • Eyebrow hair transplant.
  • Head hair transplant.
  • Eyelash hair transplant.
Now the same question is which women are good candidates for hair transplant treatment?
  • Those females who are suffering from alopecia.
  • In some cases hair loss occur due to some kind of trauma that females are good candidate for recovery of hair loss through hair transplant.
  • Women who are suffering from alopecia marginalis that is some what similar to the alopecia.
  • In some cases those women who are gone for some cosmetic surgery that women are the good candidates for hair treatment.

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